Opening January 2019

About NENI

The name stands for the company and kitchen concept of the Molcho family. These are also the initials of Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv & Ilan, the four sons of kitchen virtuoso Haya Molcho.

Family and friends are an integral part of their lives and shape the NENI concept as well as the family's Israeli, Romanian and Spanish roots. NENI lives by sharing the dishes together, of passion and joie de vivre - in short Balagan, sympathetic chaos. The motto of the family: Life is beautiful. Be part of it.

Everyone should be able to try everything and pots are placed quite easily on the table. The table culture at NENI is informal - it's easy going. The service is warm and personal- Eating at NENI means being welcome as a family member at an Eastern Mediterranean kitchen table. Exactly on this principle, the NENI concept was built.

NENI is passion coupled with openness and love of cuisine.

About NENI Amsterdam

Over the past year the Citroën garage next to the Olympic Stadium has been completely renovated, with the purpose of bringing back this iconic building at the Stadionplein in its full glory. Our goal is to open NENI’s newest location this January and to serve healthy, tasty and fairly priced food in an uncomplicated atmosphere. The restaurant however will not come by itself, NENI Amsterdam also has a Deli for juices, salads and sandwiches prepared with the same NENI philosophy. All our bread comes from our very own bakery located in the Deli. Finally there is The Lemonman, a vibrant bar located above the restaurant, with the ambition to become a hot spot in the area.